Dan Govan

Veteran front end developer & middleweight React engineer with a passion for UI/UX, looking for a JS based role in a collaborative, forward-thinking team.

Front End Contractor since 2014

Feb 2021:BDH

Networked Interactive Presentation Website, using a React/Redux front end and users kept in sync with an express / sockets.io backend, to fix and improve upon a MVP prototype after user testing.

Sept 2020 to March 2021:Jollywise

Converting a React / Redux site to a new design, updating redux according to a new api & with new components etc. CI with github & Jenkins. Returned for a quick client christmas card quiz microsite, then again for a React microsite with several JS minigames.

Feb - Mar 2020:EDD London

Came onboard to build new React UI components for an e-commerce site, also leading on upgrading from a rigid desktop site to being responsive and device agnostic.

Oct 2019 - Feb 2020:Rehab Agency

4 months building 6 iterations of an educational microsite, each translated into 8 languages. Used React, JSON, hooks, css modules, SCORM & Sketch. Mentored other devs to bring parallel projects up to speed.

May-Aug 2019:YunoJuno

Using React, modular scss & Storybook to implement a new registration & onboarding system.

May and Sept-Oct 2018:22 design

Projects included a banner for the front page of Talk Talk in HTML 5, prototyping a JS 360 spinner, updating an Opencart website and building a interactive quiz module.

May to Sept 2018:KoffeeCup

Tackled a legacy Angular / Cordova app for onsite tablet and kiosk; reworking content, assets & structure for an annual refresh with tight turnarounds.

Jul 2015 to Dec 2017: Front end ContractorYunoJuno

Rapid prototyping & building of a constantly evolving UX & Front end, taming sprawling legacy CSS & maintaining an extensive design system using practical BEM, Stylus/SASS, Django templating & later React. A highlight was a complete site redesign using only a CSS retheme.

Jul 2014 to Jun 2015: Creative Technologist (part time)MetaBroadcast

Joining a software engineering team to prototyping UIs for metadata API tools for the BBC. I also wrote on the company blog & spoke at monthly meetups.

Feb 2014 to Jun 2015: Front end ContractorVooDooBytes

Built the front end to agreatplacetobe using Mixture, Liquid, Sass & jQ for integration to Umbraco. Following projects included Cameraworks, Rex & Mariano, Eris Industries, Heineken, DMB Represents, & Blossom Hill.

Feb to Apr 2014Maynard Malone

Quickly picking up Drupal, I used PHP, CSS & jQ to implement new sections of the Organix site.

Permanent roles: 2006 to 2014

2012-2014: Senior Interactive Web DeveloperVML London

Responsive builds from microsites to enterprise-level CQ builds, for Colgate, Premier Inn & Premier League including a fluid mobile site that got 500k uniques a day & 3mil in revenue a week. Interim front end lead then focused to CSS & UX as the team upscaled from 6 devs to 20.
I also organised knowledge-sharing workshops, was on the social media committee as tech voice, & was in-house photographer for portraits & events.

2011-2012: Interface DeveloperMRM Meteorite

Microsites for Vauxhall & Nationwide, an Intel facebook campaign, iPad site for Regus, a Phonegapped iphone app for The Mall & championed responsive & parallax design.

2006-2011: Front end developerMRM London

I worked in HTML, CSS & later jQ, reconciling the work of copywriters, designers & back-end devs to produce sites, localisations & HTML emails for clients like Intel, Vauxhall, Sky Movies, MSN & MasterCard.
Away from the keyboard I led initiatives in improving communication between the tech & creative departments, & presented on company values & best practice.


2020 covid downtime

Designed and built a Gatsby (React, GraphQL, Jamstack) photography website. Took courses in JavaScript Algorithms, Data Structures, React Native, Redux and Node.js etc.


JavaScript: ES6 and beyond, React.js focus, dabbled in Node.js and React Native, previously worked with Angular 2, PHP & a variety of back ends.


Semantic HTML with a mind to accessibility, SEO, scalability & localisation.


CSS3 (Sass, LESS or Stylus), historically Semi-OO approach for modularity, nearer SMACSS-based architecture, now js-wrapped modules, styled components etc.


The practical cross-disciplinary challenges of performant device-agnostic websites, as well as mobile & tablet-specific solutions.


Talking to creatives on their own terms, adding interstitial layouts & interactions that creative comps don't cover, identifying UX breakdowns early.


VS Code, Webpack, Yarn / NPM, Git, github, Jira, Trello, Jenkins, Netlify. Agile & Waterfall but mostly a mix.


BEng (Mechanical) at Warwick University