Social photo metrics


I’m totally sold on new Flickr but the still-old “stats” functionality is super weak. I assume they’re phasing it out as it’s only available if you have the discontinued “Pro” membership, which is sad as it’s rewarding to see the background noise of hits, especially when people stumble across the account and spend a while clicking through dozens of photos. Still, the fact that it effectively splits referrers into “Flickr” and “Dunno” is laughable. I’d love to know where else my pics are linked from!


That said, although Facebook’s “Insights” system looks far more sophisticated (and heavily monetised) there’s no data about where hits come from either, because everything comes from Facebook. I’ve checked out 500px but it seems to be built around a meritocracy algorithm that while great on paper ends up being gamed. As a USP it’s flawed.

For now I guess I’ll stick with Flickr, build my portfolio there, maybe put some pics in a few groups and see what happens. I just wish they did some fun stuff with data, they’ve got enough of it!