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21st century tech fast approaching!


I’m sure every non-troglodyte has heard of the mystical iPhone with it’s amazing power to bring breakfast in bed and cure cancer. There were rumors a couple of weeks ago that Microsoft were working on a competitor to said fabled iPhone (blessed be Steve Jobs), but it turned out to be an iTable! Huzzah! Well not really; they call it a Microsoft Surface, but it sure looks like an iTable to me.

In any case they’re not stopping there. Just around the corner is iToaster! Ha, take that Apple! Well not necessarily; it’s still mostly guesswork at the moment. But they are cooking up a kitchen client! And if Microsoft Kitchen doesn’t put an LCD screen on the side of a toaster and have it tell you when your toast is burning then they’re missing a trick.

The Machine is us

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Excellent 5-minute video basically explaining the current “Web-two-oh” state of the net. Apparently it was doing the rounds a couple of months ago, but it totally passed me by, so if you haven’t seen it already you’re in for a treat! It’s both funny and educational; bargain!

Speaking of, I just bought When I started out I used Mynciboi and then Mochaholic as pseudonyms as they were fairly unique phrases, easily trackable. But as I’m already top result for Dan Govan, totally by accident, as well as for mynciboi and mochaholic, I figured it might be time to ditch the hard-to-spell monikers. So it’s new-site-time again, and this time I’m hoping to get well past the PhotoShop stage! The world is my oyster card.



NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! is bought by CBS. Maybe this will mean a better product, and well deserved propagation of a set of brilliant ideas, as well as just deserts for the founders, but I’m a little saddened by the idea of joining the corporate word of bureaucratic bullshit.

From the LA Times:

“With, users tell the website what music they are listening to. The site recommends other music they might like and links to buy the songs. For music it doesn’t have licenses to play, it offers 30-second samples.

“Music sales aren’t a big part of the financial picture so far, and they might not be even when CBS takes control. The minimal advertising on the site, however, will be beefed up. CBS envisions channels for music backed by corporate sponsors that will pay for the privilege every month.

“CBS also plans to put versions of its existing radio programming on the website.”

Damn, this might really suck.

Highly Reccomended


Here’s an bitter-sweet and comedic hour-long presentation from SxSW entitled “how to bluff your way in web 2.0″ by Andy Budd and Jeremy Keith.

Shiniest Thing Eva


Lick me
In other news I want something that takes my Messenger screen name (or “personal message” part) and records it when it changes. Preferably posting it to Twitter, facebook and here on my blog. Surly in this age of mash ups such a thing is possible? Maybe? No?


Future stalling.

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I’m a big fan of looking forward to to the promise of future shininess. I loved Back to the Future 2, if only for the Holographic adverts, the self-drying clothes and of course who could forget the supremely improbable hover-board.

I get the same sort of enthusiastic anticipation in the web. It’s all so very shiny and moves so fast! Except it doesn’t really, not always. IE 7 took so bloody long to fix a slew of IE 6 problems, and it’s still way behind where it should be. Bring on IE 8 please! And what about CSS3? I know it might be moot while IE is so far behind, but making CSS3 canon can only improve the case for it’s inclusion in IE Next (as they like to call it). What’s the hold up? CSS1 was proposed in ’94 and made official in ’96, CSS2 followed in ’98, with CSS3 billed for release in ’99. Eight years later and it’s no closer.

From Andy Budd:

“We currently live in a world of live texture mapping and rag doll physics. And yet as web developers, we don’t even have the ability to create rounded corner boxes programmatically. The W3C are so concerned with shaping the future, I’m worried that they may have forgotten the present.”

*le sigh* It’s a little alarming for a bright-eyed web-acolyte like myself. Eric Meyer‘s assurances that the CSS3 Advanced Layout Module will solve all layout problems and make the world a fluffier place to live in feel awfully far off.

The sense of foreboding doesn’t end there though; what’s going on with HTML 5? We’ve worked out that XHTML isn’t all that, so for the moment that leaves us with HTML 4.01, which while nice still smells a little of forms and tables and the ’90s in general. Where’s the nav element? The video element? Header, footer, section, article, and all the (now) self-evident building blocks of web pages? They’re in HTML 5 that’s where. So don’t worry, that will also be exciting and fluffy, and it’s just around the corner! Except maybe not, Roger Johansson of 456 Berea St, having recently joined the W3C HTML Working Group, isn’t optimistic. In fact he’s more of the opinion that it’s all fooked. *sigh*

On a slight tangent; web radio might be going down the pan also, due to he RIAA and other people being evil. Winner of the *cough* 2007 Web 2.0 award for music Pandora have been made to block any IP that don’t come from the US. Though I much prefer, Pandora was cool while it lasted. They hope to get rights to distribute to UK and Canada soon so we’ll see how it goes. I hate the idea that the apps and sites I use day-in day-out might not be here tomorrow, though I don’t feel the same attatchment to div soup.

FOWD revisited


Hurrah, someone interesting posted about FOWD! Where someone interesting == panelist Simon Collison.

Hmm. I really need a linklog on this thing.

Impending doom.


So the yahoo thing blew over, they ain’t being acquired by anyone. Hurrah, the old world order lives another day. On the other hand it was raining out of a clear sky on Sunday so I’m not convinced that the end isn’t at least slightly nigh.

This theory is vaguely supported by the fact that my company now has it’s very own corporate blog at the catchily-titled My first reaction was that it’s soulless and depressing as a concept, but now that it’s been tarted up a bit I reckon it might be cool if they get enough writers writing on there. …And then it’ll all get horribly out of hand in a digg-revolution stylee and everything will have to be shut down.

Oh and I made this map of teh internets my desktop at work last week. I’ve since seen links to it in a couple of blogs so I guess that means I can link it too. Gosee, it’s funny. In fact go see XKCD full stop; funny, geeky, though-provoking, and cute; an excellent web comic with a very silly name.

Batten down the hatches.


Batten down the hatches.

From the FT website: Microsoft eyes takeover of Yahoo

I’m pretty sure this is a sign of the apocalypse. Dystopia here we come.

Calling all Twitterheads


Wotcher! After months of being told how cool twitter is, I’ve caved and signed up. Picked “mochaholic” out of my slew of online pseudonyms. Woot! Maybe I’ll even change the background or something. Inane comments guaranteed! For about a week or so at least, beyond that we’ll see. I guess it’ll depend on how many contacts I get so add me add me add me! (Or something.)

In other bandwagony-type news I’ve also signed got a Facebook account, purely because everyone EVER seems to be on there. Not usually a compelling reason for me to do anything, but I can be a unique snowflake elsewhere. (Like here for example.) In the mean time I need to be plugged in baby!

Next on my list of possibly-pointless webapps is Remember the Milk, an online to-do list thing, which is great, but totally uninteresting. I need lists to keep track of stuff, and huge piles of fake events in google calendar just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Oh yeah! And Skype too. UN == “daniel.govan”. Think I’m done for now. Poke me on one or all of these, you know you want to. Maybe to tell me what other rawkin apps I need in my life ;-)