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Dix Pix + Site Done

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I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this productive. Last night I posted maybe my favourite set of Danpaps pics yet, from Shake Yer Dix last Saturday. They took a while as I’m less practiced whittling crowdshots than pics of posers, but I’m really happy with the result.  Selective B&Wing and front-curtain shenanigans definitely helped; I love the blurry-yet-sharp look.

As well as that I’ve finished the About page for my site which is all about ME. It’s a bit wordy at the moment; I’d love to add some irreverent datavis type infographics to it but that’s just content. The fact remains that (tweaks aside) I HAVE FINISHED MY WEBSITE. Ermahgerhd.

Also I changed the header font again. About a half-dozen times actually. Do you hate it?

Danpaps reaches 100


Last week my facebook photography page Danpaps hit the “100 likes” mark, in spite of my totally resisting the “invite all your friends” button,  which was nice. After a bit of a break there’s been a few papped events recently: Push the Button put up my pics from their RVT night a few weeks ago, and I’ve just finally gotten around to posting photos from Songs of Praise (bit late as I’ve been away visiting family in sunny Málaga).

My next camera outing will be this Saturday at Shake yer Dix at the Star of Bethnal Green, featuring Ms Cola Phalquero! BE THERE. Huzzah.

I’m onna beach


By lunchtime tomorrow I’ll be on a beach in Málaga having some much-needed relaxing and family time. It won’t look much like this one in Brighton but hey, it’ll do as a segue.


Bloggery Photography

ERMAHGERD SERGERHLS TERK THURR LERNCH. But who cares: LOOK AT MY SITE! I’ve come to the end of a design phase and I’d just love any and all feedback. Srsly you guiz. I’m not fussy.

Since my short-lived love of Diablo 3 petered out (VERY DISAPPOINTING BLIZZARD) I’ve been pouring my gamified goal-oriented nervous energies into real life for a change. (Of course website design and development counts as real life, how dare you, shaddup.)

I’ve gotten rid of the footer and the header’s looking pretty sweet with a randomised “HIYA” and an amazing illustration from Mark Goldby. The top nav’s been cobbled together from a icon font, one of the links from which slides in a panel showing the archives. I’m not sure about the main header font but I’ve not found a better one yet, and the twitter feed looks a bit busy and might need a tweak…

Next up will be yer standard “about page” song and dance, but I have to design it first so if you see any issues, problems, breakages or unspeakably ugly things, let me know!

Twisting the night away

Photography Recaps

Which, as it turns out, is really difficult in sneakers. Everyone else looked really spectacular scooting around the beautiful venue in full black tie regalia, unveiling a whole new brace of mid 20th century dance moves which surprised the hell out of me. Where do people learn this stuff? In any case I blame my ineptitude on a lack of skiddy shoes to slide along the floor.

In spite of there being an intimidating number of pro cameras kicking about I still took a few snaps which I’ve put up on Danpaps: of friends larking about in tuxedos and having a retro blast in honour of newly-weds (and 50s aficionados) Tommy and Josh. Even through my hangover the outpouring of goodwill towards the couple was really heart-warming, and they deserve it; they’re Good People.

All the best and many, many years to the Bendall-Lawrences.

The joy of GIFs

Photography Recaps

Push the Button at the RVT on Friday was a triumph as ever, featuring Harry Clayton-Wright and the lovely and demure Cola Phalquero.

They’re a bit fond of the smoke machine there which can make it difficult to use the my flash, so to compensate I flicked over to burst mode. I now have 800 photos to work through. NIGHTMARE. Silver lining? GIFs.

Click to see GIFs and read the rest of the post

Don’t wake the neighbours.


House parties are fun. Well, going to house parties. Well, going to other people’s house parties.

If we’re ‘friended’ on the old Facebook you can see pics from the last two house parties here and here. Otherwise, you can’t, so ner.

My work had their office summer party last week in the half-finished refurbished cafe / social area downstairs, which was nice. Bar was free, M&S was raided for a months worth of fingerfood and people were split into teams and told to dress up in a “british” theme. I escaped from that dreadful fate by being roped in as event photographer: more pics here.

Google plus’s album view is pretty good really, and doesn’t need people to be logged into to see it. Yay.

Allergies aside, dogs are cool. If you’ve got lots of time and space to properly walk them, and maybe a car to drive them about in.

Look, it’s a self-portrait! Kinda. I’m pretty hazy on the concept of them to be honest, but I found this one in a bunch of photos taken on a lunchtime walkabout and liked it. Check me out in my red jumper!

I’m getting a few vector-art type portraits done of me for the website, feels a bit self interested but I should be used to that what with having a blog and everything. Though I’m going to try and get into the habit of posting photos more often: aim more for photoblog.