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Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

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One week ago circa everyone I know was watching iamwhoiamandwhoiamneedsnoexcuses or something on the South Bank, but as I totally missed the several years of hype over that internet sensation I was in Shepherds Bush instead, seeing Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs which I’m sure you’ll agree is a much more sensible name.

I’ve been loving their stuff for a while so was pleased to find it’s the kind of music that improves with volume, but on top of that the light show was dazzling and I’m fairly sure that one gig has doubled the amount of streamers and confetti I’ve seen in my entire life. I can only guess they’ve lifted the stage act straight from their recent summer festivals, packing it all into the wee “O2″ Empire with spectacular results.

It was spiff. Few pics up on danpaps.

Bikes & bikes & bikes


As I mentioned we went to Amsterdam last week, they’re pretty into their cycling there. The streets have an extra path for the two-wheeled which made crossing roads a more complicated affair. An alien atmosphere for me given I’ve never even ridden a bike.

It wasn’t the increase in actual cyclists over London that was so noticeable or surprising though; it was the sheer number of mostly-unlocked old-world bebasketed bicycles littered about the place: in bike parks, outside cycling shops or just stacked 6-deep on the pavement. We literally couldn’t move for bikes. And yet nobody was stealing them. Very strange.

Bang Out of Order


For all that I go out a fair bit, I don’t go to new places nearly enough, so it was a breath of fresh air to head to Out of Order on Friday. It’s an eclectic new arty retro indie clubnight at Electric Social in Brixton, which is pretty lush; one of those nice clubs where there are couches and they aren’t even sticky!

The music was very varied with a lot of 80′s indie to begin with which flew over my head a little, but the delight in hearing Echo Beach and other unexpected classics in an actual club was amazing. Plus the last DJ Argyris just utterly killed it, though playing random Azealia Banks mixes might be cheating.

Sam Collins was on form and looked like he had the photography for the night covered, but as I was there I thought I’d take a handful of snaps myself. New club woo!

I randomly ended up at the one-day gay East London mini-festival Summer Rites a couple of weeks ago (Thanks Rob!) and thought I might as well take my camera. In spite of not having a telephoto lens I still got a few decent snaps of acts like Amanda Lepore and Bright Light Bright Light so I’ve put them up on Danpaps. A couple are even good! ^_^

I just wish I could remember the name of that singer with the prosthetic leg, she was awesome.

Douche Bag


It might have a unfortunate name but Douche Bag at the Star of Bethnal Green is probably my favourite night at the moment. It’s got a mixed crowd, that carefree air of the long weekend (it’s only on on bank holiday Sundays) and in spite of a good turn out every time there’s still just about room to dance which is key, because Mike, Ian and Laurence bring an eclectic range of electro/pop running from whatever Azealia Banks’ very latest track is to the decade-old not-quite classics.

Add in some fruit cider and it’s basically pushing all my buttons.

A couple of weeks ago I spent the weekend in Lymington. A crazy idea that would only happen at the suggestion of a good friend for their 30th birthday, but it was actually a lot of fun. Long walks in the seaside semi-suburban pseudo-country and hanging out in a largish house playing Werewolf and other such diversions with a bunch of chilled out people. Also I got to take a lot of photos.

Also there was gin. I don’t even drink gin but there was such a heroic amount consumed I thought it bore mentioning.

1800 pictures and a very irregular few days of sleep later: I SURVIVED. Disconcerted by lashings of cheese at Push til 3, wearing various ill-suited wigs at the Falquero party til 5 and dancing my little socks off at Douche Bag til 3am, when I finally hit a wall and just had to go home.

It wasn’t that daunting in the end; bank holiday Monday Firezza pizza sorted me right out. It’s amazing what a couple of extra days off can do!

I’ve got a lot of pictures to work through, in the meantime here’s a tranquil post-weekend stork. Mmm calming.

The weekend is just PACKED.


The last time I was out it was to Sink the Pink, pictured here. Fun night, should really go more often! Since then though I’ve been staying in to finish this website and I spent last weekend in Lymington of all places, so I’ve not been out properly for a month. A MONTH. Thankfully this bank holiday weekend is packed, so I hope to see loads of you out and about.

  • Friday night is Push the Button: Minogue VS Minogue at the RVT. I’m not really sure what that means, but it’s invariably a party atmosphere with lulzy pop and great acts from the team at Push, plus I know there’s several birthday celebrations ending up there. Also: I’ll be taking pics.
  • Saturday night is the annual Falquero houseparty out in Croydon, this time with a 90s theme. As ever it’ll involve a silly amount of dressing up and a post party a fryup in the near-countryside… So I’ll be taking pics.
  • Sunday is Douche Bag at The Star Of Bethnal Green, featuring DJs from Shake Yer Dix, Popstarz and PiE&MASH. It’s probably my favourite mix of music these days, and the fact it’s only on on Bank Holiday Sundays always gives it a festive air. Oh yeah and I’ll be taking pics!
  • Monday I might be dead from exhaustion but there’s a BBQ sports day thingy at the RVT, so that’s a possibility. Or there’s always sofa and Dominos.

At least three nights out, much dancing and 1000+ paps, it’s gonna be a busy one.

20K Snaps in 12 months.


I’ve been hermitting it up these past few weeks, working on another phase of this website. I’M DONE! (Again.) I’ve redesigned the top nav, made a totally new footer, reworked the lazy-loading and put a bunch more dorky content on the About page, including a newly-updated version of a geektastic graph I made a year ago.

It shows the number of photos I’ve taken per month since way back in 2004: I’ve taken ~23k pics in the last year, but only kept ~5.5k. I’ll admit that messing around with the Google Chart API might have been more interesting than looking at the results, so here’s a bonus butterfly pic I took at ZSL. Aww, pretty.

A year in stills


Explaining to random people who ask where the pics I’m taking are going to go can be tricky in a noisy club, so I’d decided to get some DANPAPS cards to give out. I’ve had my eye on Moocards for years now – they’re half-sized cards with photos on the back – I just needed to choose which photos…

Though I’ve been Annoying Photo Guy since I’ve been much of anything, it’s only this time last year that I switched from an ultra compact to a micro 4/3rds, started shooting in RAW instead of jpg and using Lightroom to post-process, so I thought it might be nice to choose some of my favourite pics from the last 12 months and get them printed up. 100 of them! They’re in the post now! I AM EXCITE.

Check em out on flickr here.