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First of many…

Dear diary Photography

I feel more grounded than I’ve been for a while, much more stuff makes sense… I’d like to say things have come together, but it’s the complete opposite, things have flown apart into lots of bog-standard, banal, disgustingly run-of-the-mill problems. Not even worth mentioning. So very dull… Nothing unique or even different about them, which is a double edged sword.

Aaaaaanyway… How the hell did it get so cold all of a sudden? I’ve just scanned in a few photos so if I do one a day it will keep me going for 3 weeks. I’ve exhausted 2 out of the 9 packets of photos. …so that’s about 10 each… So there should be a picture every day for the next 12 or 13 weeks! You lucky, lucky people you! This one is of a random slice of beach opposite Gibraltar, near Algeciras, where my grand parents and other assorted family live. The water to the left of the photo is the sea, the water to the right of the photo is a river.


Photography Recaps

The general release of Matrix: Revolutions is on my birthday? Oh thank you so much! *simper*

Watched Reloaded yesterday, it’s still so so so good. Can’t believe “The Kid” is actually 25.

I got my pictures back; as soon as I get my paws on a scanner I’ll put a few of them online. I think I’ll ration them though. If I put one of them up every day they’ll keep me in arty points for a good few months. This one isn’t one of mine though, it’s us playing with Carly’s camera… (it’s me btw)