Conference week(??)


I’m a bit of a fan of web conferences, but even with supportive employers I’ve only been able to take so much time off work. Now I’m a part-timer / contractor while the opportunity cost is more I’m still much more comfortable attending multi-day things like The Web is in October, and Reasons To… Next week! As I was in Brighton anyway I decided to stay a bit longer to go to dConstruct on on the Friday too!

I’ve only stayed in a hotel for a conference once, so making the jump to nearly a full week is crazy, but this year’s been full of that. In the last month alone at one company I’ve run the gamut from a dreamweaver-made table-based updates to a slick new build, but with the other company I’ve been mostly working in Javascript(!), doing a couple of API frontend prototypes and a chrome extension. Hell I even gave a my first talk at a meetup there! It was short and the audience was small but it’s a big deal for Mr Hates Public Speaking, so that was exciting.

I’m loving it and feeling very privileged right now; I have more flexibility and I’m learning super quickly, but I have no idea what next month holds beyond doing web stuff at least half the time, and maybe that’s OK. Similarly I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself in Brighton for 4 nights as I don’t think I know anyone else going, but worst case scenario I’ll spend the evenings going over the beautiful webby talks I’ve heard and building another wing on this site.