Post DV8


Fab night on Saturday! Stayed vaguely sober and danced for 4 hours. Still got stomach cramps now though, food poisoning? Well the burger bar in DV8 isn’t the most hygienic place ever… As for the last topB of the year; Yaay! Not-so-sober then; piggyback mishap resulted in me falling on my ear. A strange and memorable experience. The two rolls of film I took are already at the developers, and I’ve already got the ones from Thursday =)

Dignity is overrated


I am never drinking that much ever again! I would say I’m never drinking again, but I already have done last night, so there goes that idea. I must confess its been interesting finding out what I got up to on Thursday, having precious little recollection myself beyond putting my coat away. Everybody has a different story, though none of them are contradictory :) It’s quite fun! No doubt the pics I [think that I] took will be fascinating also.

After all, dignity is overrated imho.

‘Ack, ack and urgle.

Dear diary

Yesterday night me and my flatmates invented a new game in our front room, involving the seven of us sitting around the sides of the room on the many sofas and armchairs that are arranged so, twatting a big inflatable ball at each other. The ball was released from the tyrannical clutches of the Onion by one of our number, allowing what we later dubbed “Abi-Ball” to be played for about an hour. Also, we discovered that it was more fun with the light off so we could only see by the flickering light of the TV. This was a good thing mainly because we couldn’t see what we were breaking. However the the light shade was too obvious, so we took it down along with the light bulb.

Aside from the above, the rules are as follows.

  • Remove any cups/glasses/mugs of liquid from the immediate area. No matter where you hide them, they /will/ get knocked over.
  • 1 point for making someone cry. Making yourself cry by thwapping your own hand off your own foot doesn’t count.
  • Hands and feet may be used to hit the ball, but beware using both at the same time.
  • Vendettas against another person in the room are actively encouraged.
  • No one is allowed to say “Sorry”.

good things bad things

Dear diary

Good things

  • Chatting to people that were beginning to fade into urban myth.
  • Little yellow hamster fluff-ball type things, even /without/ the little cardboard hats.
  • Getting random unknown even-to-the purchaser beverages in Xananas.
  • RNDM jubilee-type fireworks displays, sparkly feathery old women and pork “batches”.

Bad things

  • Eating wombats. Even if Germans are about. Apparently.
  • Being camera-less. Even when people are being drunken & comedy and frankly just begging for a quick immortalisation.
  • Going to Tescos when its raining: Bad, bad idea. Rain will invariably increase to monsoon level with a haste and enthusiasm directly proportional to how lightly you dressed that morning, what with it being “summer” and all.

/me drips like a drowned rat. Notice I left out the obvious? Good luck with the unmentionables everybody =)

First blog post ever!


Woot! Weblogs on someone else’s site? How very pleasantly random! 10/10 for Wills site! My reign of terror continues with a bunch of photos from Bows week 22, featuring arty terminator wannabes and suchlike. Namely you lot, you wonderful, wonderful people. *simper*

Assuming there’s a parallel universe where anybody cares, I’m in engineering wondering where and what this play is that I was randomly invited to and am currently missing, whilst simultaneously “bricking it” over my complete lack of understanding of most of my course. Urgle. Urgle. Ack.