Normal service resumed

Bloggery Photography Recaps

As I’m all done with this site (i.e. everything remaining has been pushed to the nebulous land of “phase 2″) I should probably start blogging again. Not done it in months! So what’s new. Apart from this site, obviously. Isn’t it nice? Though I still think the pages need work…

I also got a shiny new Canon 700D with assorted peripherals which is kicking my photography learning curve back to “steep” and is slightly too heavy to dance with. The snaps are coming along nicely though! I even randomly teamed up with Andrej at work to take professional profile pics of the entire staff which was interesting on several levels.

In the world of web I attended a day-long workshop with Brad Frost on RWD which was almost too much awesome to handle, and then I went and bought tickets for dConstruct and Full Frontal in Brighton later this year, complete with a workshop on Javascript debugging because I’m some sort of crazy addict. I was supposed to be saving money this year. It’s not working out so well. That’s said I’ve not actually been away anywhere holiday-like as I’ve been so busy, but it’s been the hottest summer in years so I guess that’s ok.

Next up, giving talks at work on how to practically execute responsive sites, and getting creatives to make production-ready comps. Agency life, don’t you love it?

So, I guess it’s done.

Bloggery Interwebs

I’ve been working my ass off on this new personal site over the past four months (half the time of the last redesign), and I’d begun to lose perspective. I feel like the code’s beginning to fray and there might be other symptoms of my myopia, so it’s time to put it live and take a step back.

Take a look around! It’s got the blog still, similar to the old site but with a simpler feel, more focus on the photos and even comments! (For now.) The background images are heavy but responsive and no longer rely on Flickr. The About and Find pages are fairly standard but there’s also a new Photography page, where I collate all the Danpaps-type stuff I’ve done.

I’ve a to-do list, but it’s fairly short. Cache everything, test for performance, black headers on dark images and a bunch of content work. So yeah. LOTS AND LOTS OF FEEDBACK PLEASE. Cure my tunnel vision. Tell me what’s broke and what sucks. In the comments, over twitter, by email, even in person, it’s all gravy.


The Treachery of Alt tags


(Cross posted from VML)

Updates to web browsers come so quickly (we’re on Chrome version 27!) that it’s easy to forget Internet Explorer 6 was the most popular web browser – not to mention the best Microsoft had to offer - for five long years. As a web developer I used to curse IE6 daily, and though I can finally move on from supporting the 12 year-old browser there’s one final bug that keeps cropping up, even after everyone’s stopped using it!

This is an alt tag

IE6 made “alt” attributes show on hover like “title” attributes.

This was a bug but so many learned the web on IE6 that people still confuse “alt tags” and “title tags”. The only times you’ll ever see alternate copy nowerdays is if the image hasn’t loaded. Those things you see when you hover over things? (Check the image above!) NOT ALT TAGS. Here’s a breakdown of the difference.


  • Used on images
  • Shown when the image is broken
  • Mandatory
  • Repeats information found in the image as a back up


  • Used on links
  • Shown on hover
  • Optional
  • Gives extra info e.g. the size of file linked, or warning that you’re going to a new site/window

So, in summary:

  1. Alt tags should be on all content images, but you’ll rarely see them.
  2. Title tags are increasingly useless: no ‘hover’ on touch devices.
  3. You probably shouldn’t worry about either!