Birdie Conf


Fresh from spending a week in Brighton for Reasons to be Creative and dConstruct, the following weekend I went to yet another conference! However this one BirdieConf; a one day conference about photography, and only 5 minutes walk from my flat! As if that wasn’t enough reason to go, I’ve been wanting to go to an event webconf-type event about photography for years so I leapt at the chance. It was so interesting to hear from diverse professional photographers and archivists(?) about what they did and how they got into it. As far as tips go it was mostly do what you love, put it out three and be open to random opportunities which was something to take to heart generally I think.

Strangely perhaps it felt like most of the attendees were the same web designers and developers who go to the many web conferences there are (except these ones dabble in photography too) so I’m not sure if the organises had the break-out success tat they probably wanted? Hope there’s more along these lines as I’d definitely go again.