Adventures in the West Country


Leap of surewhynot

It felt surreal to be going back west a couple of weeks after Glastonbury for similar frolics, this time to take pictures at the Bristol Pride after party. I had no idea what to expect but the trip featured loads of odd situations that made me so happy to have gone, like magical scratch-card train tickets, being backstage and getting in Corona’s way, chatting about life on the road with Boogaloo Stu, papping with a legit staff wristband, secret smoking areas, and accidentally being in the security team meeting where they talked about the kind of night it was.

Of course the highlight was papping Harry and Cola as they welcomed the crowds and posed with punters, dressing them up, rubbing them down and generally getting everyone in a great mood. It was a wonder to watch them work; radiating fun, goodtimes, glitter and babyoil for four hours straight. And then two bonus hours of gogo dancing!

Facebook pages (still) suck

I put my favourite snaps on Flickr, the full set’s on my Facebook page, but it might be the last thing I post there. I get orders of magnitude more buzz about an album posted on my personal profile, where randoms can request tags (unlike on unLiked Pages) and it’s not assumed you’ll pay to promote posts. You can’t promote albums even if you wanted to so it all seems pretty pointless. It goes both ways too; I’d love to keep abreast of the photographers I Like on Facebook but they never come up on my feed, instead I get random conversations of people I don’t know and four word posts from a week ago. Sad times.

Bristol was pretty sweet though.